An Introduction… of Sorts

Well, here we are: a shiny, new layout; a shiny, new URL; and a shiny, new category heading to go with it all. Sometimes I think I’m insane for trying to maintain as many sites and blogs as I do, but really, it all comes down to an obsession with control. I like control. Lots of people like control. Maybe I try to keep firm control on my online identity because I feel I have little control in my offline life, but, honestly, that sounds like literary mumbo-jumbo coming from an almost-English major, and it’s not a style I’m keen on.

The point of the exercise, of course, is to welcome you, entertain you for a few minutes, and hopefully woo you into inserting my RSS feed into your favorite news aggregator because I, like virtually every other blogger, enjoy attention. A flaw, to be sure, but hopefully not a tragic one. (I could talk about the tragic flaw(s) of Anakin Skywalker in Episode III, but that would get things off on the wrong foot, I fear.)

Instead, I suppose, I’ll indulge in some introduction, though I imagine the few people who will see this already know this as well as much else about me. I’ll try to be random, I promise.

  • I am young for all I’ve done. I’ve lived in two countries and four (soon to be five) states; visited fourteen other countries; attended three primary schools, two middle schools, a junior high, and two high schools; attended one university, lived at two, and worked at an additional one; earned two diplomas with two degrees on the way and plans for earning two more; this and much else I have done without yet reaching legal drinking age in my home country. In fact, I’ll be a graduate student before I’m allowed to drink here.
  • I am a writer. Or, at least, I fancy myself to be one. My first novel was written at 14, though it’s currently being rewritten from the ground-up. Two other novels are plotted out, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a fourth one lurking in the loose-leaf pages that are strewn about my room.
  • Despite what the MPAA has to say about college students and piracy, I own more than 50 DVDs and am a regular at my university’s Film Society.
  • I am a fanatic when it comes to The Frames. Well over a gigabyte of my harddrive is dedicated to them, and I don’t regret it the least bit.
  • Other fanaticisms worth mentioning: Mozilla Firefox, {whisperback}, Discover magazine, Google, and poking my friends.
  • All but two of the photos in the blog’s banners were taken by me. Of the two I didn’t take, both were taken by my parents.
  • My school district tried to force me out of kindergarten. It didn’t work. However, during the first week of class, I received a warning and did not receive a smiley face sticker when I left. I informed my mother when I got home from school that I was quitting school and joining the circus as a trapeze artist.
  • That was also the week my little sister was born. Coincidence? I think not.
  • When I stood at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I waved so that the assistant principle of the secondary school where I’d been teaching would see me from the top of the dining hall.
  • After eight years as a Girl Scout, I can only remember how to tie one knot. I find this shameful.
  • Although I share my religious denomination with President George W. Bush, we hardly agree on what it means to be Christian. Actually, there seems to be very little area where we agree on anything. We have both agreed that this country is called the United States of America, though he sometimes lapses into the habit of referring to it as ‘Texas’.
  • When I’m in the South, I’m accused of being a Yankee. When I’m in the North, I’m accused of being a Southerner. When asked “Where are you from?”, I answer: “The U.S.”
  • I think Shakespeare’s Hamlet is just as funny as it is tragic. If not more funny.
  • I have enough complete strangers talking about me at my university that I may as well let a few complete strangers on the Internet join the fun.

Pull up a chair, enjoy a mug of wassail on me (because my ideal web-home is air-conditioned, even when my actual living space is not), and tell me something about yourself.

8 Responses to “An Introduction… of Sorts”

  • I love the look! In fact, I clicked ‘Refresh’ several times just to see all the pretty pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Or should I just have waited for them to load one after the other automatically?)

    Your introduction was fun to read, even though I may have already known many of the things you mentioned. I’ll admit I hadn’t bookmarked your graphic blog before, but I will now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Imke, I’m glad you like the result of my many hours of experimentation. You do actually have to press “refresh” or go to a different page to see a new banner. There’s a script that randomly picks one of the 25 banners to display at the top. I’m glad that you’re bookmarking the blog! If you’re interested in tracking it through a news aggregator (like the one in Mozilla Thunderbird), I’ve got an RSS 2.0 feed for entries and another one (see the footer of any page) for comments.

  • Excellent design, as I noted before when you were showing the pictures to me! The only thing that (slightly) scares me is the spot in the comment form requiring my e-mail address — but I assume that if you’re OK with it, it won’t be sending me bucketfulls of spam every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Greg, I promise I won’t be sending you spam. In fact, your address is not displayed anywhere public. As an administrator, I can view your e-mail, primarily for moderation purposes.

    I’m glad that you like the design! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I agree on Hamlet being funny. Nonetheless, I was still somewhat put off by its being played for laughs in the Richard Burton film version. It’s funny, certainly, but it does a disservice to the text to ignore all the tragedy.

  • Hey there, Scoots. I never actually saw that version of Hamlet. I do recall being made to suffer through the endless, uncut version of the play by Ken Branagh, though. The comedy is certainly there, but, as you pointed out, you still have to respect the tragedy of the play.

  • I like Branagh’s version, actually, even if I can’t watch it too often.

  • Branagh’s wasn’t bad. Just long. Very long. And I enjoy the jokes made at its expense in Blackadder Back and Forth.

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