Does Snape Teach Torture?

Having done a few college visits, I think I can say with certainty that visiting a place for one day, especially if you’re in the company of people trying to make it look good, doesn’t give you an idea of what conditions at the place are truly like. Nevertheless, this technique is good enough for Congressional representatives on a “fact-finding mission” to Guantanamo Bay. I could get all political, but I won’t. Because the BBC has provided something better.

They watched the interrogation of three suspects, including one in which a detainee was read a Harry Potter book aloud for hours until he turned his back and put his hands over his ears.

Who knew that terrorists had feelings similar to Christian fundamentalists?

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  • In response, Vice-President Dick Cheney told CNN that the detainees were well treated, well fed and “living in the tropics”.

    I think that’s my favourite bit! “You know, we’re actually doing them a favour – giving them a free holiday, like”!

  • Wheras the Christian Harry Potter article is genius from start to finsh. Leaving aside the whole “Our Lord Voldemort” and Harry as the antiChrist business… Hilary Clinton is a Freemason? Harry tempted Lucius with a nude ankle? A house spirit who embodies stem cell research??? Man am I confused!

    The ultimate tho is The Vatican, not coincidentally located in the centre of Europe… Did we think the Vatican coincidentally ended up in Rome due to Harry Potter? Would we prefer the Vatican somewhere less obviously corrupted? Is the Pope a Catholic?!

    I’m guessing she calls J.K Rowling “Mrs” is because the idea of an unwed mother would just cause apoplexy among her readers.

    People are weird.

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