B’s Visit Part Three

Day Three

Everyone slept late Monday morning, and we spent most of the day in the apartment, hanging out, unpacking boxes, etc. This led to B trying to teach me Irish–or at least pronunciation of Irish–and a lot of jokes. Listening to my flatmates attempt to pronounce Irish names that B wrote down was pretty damn amusing, especially when it came to the name Daithí, the Irish version of David. B was explaining that ds are often pronounced like js in Irish. “Except Daithí because that would just be silly.” You’ll be, um, pleased to know that you have been immortalized into our private vocabulary, B. I heard Eric proclaim “that would just be silly” a couple minutes ago while I was typing this.

Life's funnier with friends around That afternoon we completed another important errand: taking B to the bookstore to get her Case hoodie. We got Lindsey a gift there, too, but I’m not allowed to say what it is because she hasn’t gotten it yet. I’ll just say that it was appropriate.

Jessica and Eric left midday for a camping trip, so it was only Mark, B, and I who made the trip to Coventry that night to eat at BD’s Mongolian Barbeque (which, B informed us, is completely unlike food in Mongolia. Not that we were surprised.) As an aside, I’d like to point out that the first picture in their site’s photo gallery is definitely a picture of the BD’s my family and I used to eat at when we lived in Michigan. This photo, on the other hand, looks a lot like the Cleveland restaurant.

B checking e-mail on my laptop Dinner was pretty good, even though they’ve changed the place a lot since we went there last. We freaked the waiter out a bit, I think, when he asked us what we were studying and we answered that we were studying medicine, computer science, and aerospace engineering. Light topics all around, as I like to say!

After dinner we popped in Big Fun for a little while. That place never ceases to be filled with the most bizarre, eclectic mix of stuff. We’re talking everything from Futurama paper dolls to Jesus Christ action figures. I picked up a couple of figurines from The Nightmare Before Christmas for my sister’s birthday, and B got several copies of one of the most bizarre guidebooks I’ve ever seen. If I remember correctly, the title was something along the lines of The Gay Man’s Guide to Heterosexuals. “Do you think they’ll think I’m odd if I buy three copies?”

Is the telegraph pole deaf? As we walked home from the Greenie stop, we had the greatest B moment ever. She stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with a perplexed look on her face and asked, “Is the telegraph pole deaf?” Sure enough, the sign hanging on the pole says “Deaf person”, not “Deaf person in area” or anything like that. I imagine it was one of those moments that’s funniest when you witness it, but I can’t help but laugh when I pass that pole now.

Most of our evening was spent sitting on the floor of the Greyhound station waiting for her 12:40 bus to NYC. We spent our time discussing places we’d been and places we wanted to go. Unsurprisingly, she’s got me beat on all places-we’ve-been accounts except one: I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and that’s still on her list. Maybe I’ll be insane one of these days and go climb that mountain again. (One of the reasons I actually made it to the top was that I swore I’d never climb the rest of it over again, so I’d best get to the top the first time.) Eventually, the time came for B to get on her bus; I was sorry to see her go.

My flatmates apparently felt the same. Everyone has said at least once that they wish she’d stayed longer. Or, in the terminology of my flatmates, “We should have kidnapped her and forced her to stay.” So, basically, you’re welcome back any time, B. Thanks for coming!

As a final note, the pictures I took during B’s visit (including photos of my flatmates) have been posted.

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  • Whoosh, I miss being around with you guys! Sounds like an absolutely fantastic weekend — thanks a lot for posting about it.

    If you really wanted to do some high-profile travelling, why not give the reclimb of Kilimanjaro a miss and go straight on to Mount Everest? I can’t imagine anyone being able to top *that.*

  • I wish you could have been here, too. It was great fun!

    As for Everest… Everest’s base camp appears to be a little lower in elevation than the summit of Kili. The top, though, is nearly 10,000 ft. higher. In other words, I think Everest is more than a little beyond me 😉

    Besides, if anyone wanted to beat Everest, they’d just have to hit the top of Olympus Mons. Never mind the fact that no one’s made it to Mars yet.

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