B’s Visit Part Two

Day Two

Jessica celebrates the new apartment Sunday was concerned entirely with moving, which is why we tried to hit the major sights on Saturday. Among innumerable trips between the north and south sides of campus, B and I had a few moments where we could just hang out and talk. Waiting for the moving company the university hired to bring a lot of our stuff left B and I sitting out on the front steps for quite awhile. It was a gorgeous day, though, and neither too hot nor too cold, so we didn’t mind much. We listened to Burn the Maps (from The Frames) for awhile, chatted about mutual friends, and freaked my friends out when they overheard the wrong parts of those conversations. It was brilliant.

B wearing my cloak Toward the end of the day, as we worked to get the last of the things from Southside to Northside, I received a comprehensive lesson in modern Irish history, particularly with respect to the conflict between the Republic and the North. Even with only that little bit of insight, I probably qualify now as one of them most knowledgeable Americans in existence on the topic. Frightening, but probably not too far from the truth.

The only way to follow up such a long and tiring day of moving was to head to Tommy’s for dinner. No one can pass up a milkshake after a day like that one! Dinner conversations were about a bizarre as could be expected given that the participants were my three flatmates (Mark, Jessica, and Eric), Brian, B, and myself. Still, it was a fun evening.

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