Message for the Irish

Lindsey and B, you are fantastic beyond words! Just as I was about to drag my sad and sorry self off to work on a group project, what should I discover on my phone but a couple of text messages from you as you left the Frames gig. I was thinking about you guys, too! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

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  • You’ve no idea how many times we thought of you! If it wasn’t for the crappy signal with everyone in the world trying to text and say OMG DAMIEN you would have had a message sooner! Also, I needed reminding that America texts are the same as England texts which are totally affordable!

  • Aw, I feel loved! Texting is not such a big thing here, so it’s always exciting to get one. Actually, I think that’s the first non-spam text message I’ve ever gotten! Unfortunately, though, I can’t answer via text message since it is quite expensive here and I don’t want to be getting angry calls from my parents asking why I’m sending tons of text messages overseas…

    Must get my hands on an international phone card…

  • Delighted you got the texts. A few songs came on and we just thought “aw, that’s such a Nicole song” – namely ‘Suffer in Silence’ and ‘Fitzcarraldo’. I’ve the setlist so, when exams are done and dusted, I’ll put a review up.

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot, whenever you’ve time, could you email me and remind me how to log in here? I’ve totally forgotten and can’t find the email!

  • I saw on the messageboard that they’d played “Fitzcarraldo” and I was just kicking myself. Can’t wait for the review, of course, but get your work done first!

    The e-mail has been sent. 😉

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