Duke Visit, Part Three

Here ends the saga of the Duke visit. Unlike the other two entries, this one was not written the day of.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep as late Saturday as I hoped I might. Still, that let me get up and have a leisurely shower and pack my things. Most of the other applicants had early flights, so I ate breakfast in my room, courtesy of the last of the pistachio bread that I’d stolen from my apartment Thursday evening. It’s good stuff. The news networks were making a big deal out of the snowstorm that was supposed to hit the East Coast that afternoon, so I spent some time in the hotel’s business center–which another applicant pointed out to me when my Internet connection wasn’t working–checking weather and flight delays for Cleveland. After that, I headed back to my room, where I called my family to see when they planned to arrive. My mother couldn’t wait to hear all about my visit, so I ended up telling about the whole day twice–once on the phone and once about an hour later over lunch at a Mexican joint near campus.

I noticed in talking to my parents both at the restaurant and later at the airport how much their attitude has changed since The Letter. Where they’d been getting onto me before about not being excited enough about invitations for visits from Duke and Virginia, they’re now making extensive plans for things like car shopping, and when people can fly up to New York for apartment shopping. I pointed out that it’s not certain that I’m going to Cornell, and my mother pointed out that I can’t say the word “Cornell” without smiling. In fact, I don’t think all four of us had been as happy as we were sitting in the airport talking for a very long time. It was nice to have all of us smiling and laughing again.

The flight home was uneventful. After all of the worrying about storms, I got back to Case only to find less snow on the ground than when I’d left. Sometimes life is just funny like that.

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  • Hey Nicole,

    I don’t have a server where I can post tracks, but I suppose I could Gmail you them if you have an account (If you don’t, I can give you one).

    Snail mail is a possibility, but I live in Northern Ireland so if you are overseas then it might take a while to get to you.

    Let me know what you think, and feel free to email me about it at my gmail address.

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  • Yay college visit! I really enjoyed reading your account of how things went in North Carolina.

    It’s especially interesting that you noticed a certain homogeneity among the visitors, with everyone getting courted by the same schools and so on. At CMU — the most extensive visit I made last year — I found the variety of backgrounds and ages to be more pronounced.

    I’m not sure if I would have been much help in interpreting the sign language conversation on the rapid. Both my ASL and my French, unfortunately, are starting to degrade from lack of practice. ASL is all sorts of fun to watch, though 🙂

    Funny times with the snow here too. We had two-ish wholly-unremarkable inches on Sunday (completely gone now), and then I opened the paper Monday morning to find “Winter slams East” in giant type.

  • I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it, Greg. I wouldn’t say that there was homogeneity among the applicants, though–except that many of us were invited to visit many of the same schools. We had students who were graduating in May, others who had graduated in years previous. We hailed from all over the place and were from all different ethnic backgrounds. Some of the applicants were already married and others of us were single. Whatever the class, though, I suspect that I was still the youngest 😉

    I bet you would have figured out more of their conversation than I did 😛

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