On days when I’m not feeling great about myself and about life (like today), I take solace in this song. As Mic says before he starts playing, “It’s about every day being your best day.” There’s comfort in living like that, and I wish that could more often. But even if I can’t, “Heyday” brings me that much closer to managing. Should the song catch your fancy, there’s more where it came from.

Rave on, Mic Christopher.

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  • Aw… two bad days in a row? [Hugs.] Feel better!

  • Not technically two days in a row, but yeah, thing’s have been down a bit. Then again, lots of stuff is down after the high of the Cornell letter. In any case, today picked up a bit at the end. I had a chance to chat with B and L, and my productivity was exceptional. Even though two hours of my evening got devoted to the Tau Beta Pi elections meeting, I still finished all of my propulsion homework this evening and was able to watch most of the Olympic broadcast from 9 onwards.

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