Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Being at UVa at the moment, I didn’t see this post about Google bringing girls in to shadow people on “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” until today, but I think that’s awesome. We need more women in math, science, and engineering, and my feeling on the matter is that if some women don’t just go out and do it, girls aren’t going to be inspired to follow those role models and we won’t see any change. This may explain why I’m willing to consider working in a lab where I would be the sole female.

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  • Once again, Google gets it right.

    And it raises an interesting point about the search for some corrective action that can be taken to rectify the imbalance. It’s good that we have people working at the college level to make engineering appealing for women, but I think I’ve stated my opinion before that, e.g., our university’s attempts to even out the gender ratios in the engineering school by looking for some massive gesture they can make by this point in our lives amount pretty much to shutting the door after the horse has left the barn, though of course making the college-level study of engineering disciplines welcoming for women is important.

    Yes, that sentence made sense in my head when it was being worked out.

    I kinda think any successful correction is going to start by making these fields interesting and appealing at no later than middle-school age, and preferably before that. I mean, I remember that my interest in spaceflight was piqued in grade school, around 3rd or 4th grade. You want to be catching people there, when these things are cool and intriguing. Of course, you also maybe want them to have an attention span of more than thirty seconds, so bringing middle schoolers to tour the Google facilities is probably about right.

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