And Now For Something Not UVa…

Just got off the phone with the professor at Cornell that I’m most interested in working with. He sent me an e-mail last week expressing excitement over my upcoming visit and welcoming me to join his research group. (“Gold may start falling from the sky…” one friend told me when I said that I’d gotten an offer from my top school to work with the person I’m most interested in working with) I decided to give him a call today not so much to ask any particular question but to let him know that I was very interested in learning more about his research group when I visit. He’s British–extremely British, judging from my chat with him–and he was so happy that I called. Apparently he’s sent me a package with more information (and pretty pictures) and he figured that was why I was calling. The whole discussion was a bit off-the-wall as he’s frantically writing a big proposal and hasn’t had much sleep. Visions of Quinn anyone?

He was “quite chuffed” to hear that his group’s website was my main motivation in applying to Cornell, and it turns out that he’s done a bit of background work on my current advisor, Dr. White. He finds him “jolly good” and thinks I’m lucky to have had him, doubly so because Dr. White is encouraging me to leave Case for the sake of improving my career chances. He gave me a bit of background on the set-up of Cornell’s graduate program, since he’s the graduate director as well. And somewhere in the conversation he informed me that there’s a good chance that I’ll get to meet Bill Nye while I’m there as he’s giving a lecture. Yes, that’s Bill Nye the Science Guy. I have to admit a certain amount of geekish delight at this because I was most certainly one of those kids who watched that show on Saturday mornings. I hadn’t realized that Nye was, in fact, a mechanical engineer from Cornell. How cool.

How I’m going to motivate myself to actually do work today is beyond me.

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  • Make sure you’ve got a good strong umbrella for when the gold starts showering down! You’re one popular prospective grad student!

  • Ha, everyone loves you. Most awesome. 🙂

  • @B:

    I’m hoping that the gold comes in a fine rain, otherwise the umbrella won’t do me much good.


    It’s. Completely. Insane. My department chair (who now appears to be on Facebook O_o) stopped me in the hall today to ask me where I’m going for grad school. He was in the middle of a conversation with other people–like professors, not students.

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