Random Rambling

The big news of today is that I sent in my official acceptance to Cornell. That means that I can move on from the Agonizing-Over-A-Decision stage into the No-Regret-Just-Excitement stage. In talking to my parents on the phone each weekend, my father can’t stop saying how much he’s looking forward to the cruise we’re going on this summer. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a) graduation and b) going to Ithaca to find an apartment. I sent an e-mail to the director of grad studies in my program at Cornell (i.e. the fabulously British bloke) to let him know, and he wrote back almost immediately with more exclamation marks than ever:

Fantastic news !!! We are all delighted to hear that you will join us !!!

🙂 (bigger than normal smiley)

I can’t wait for the fall. And I suspect that that feeling will only grow after I leave Case.


The Cornell pictures (what few there are) have been uploaded. There’ll be plenty of time for taking more later.


Part of my evening has been spent playing with new software. I was getting tired of having so many WordPad windows open when working, so I downloaded Crimson Editor to give it a try. Stuff that’s free and uses tabs makes me happy. That might also explain why I finally downloaded Gaim tonight, too.


I’ve spent most of this evening playing around with a mock-up of what I want to do with this blog style-wise. I had a mock-up I was moderately pleased with, but I was somewhat annoyed that the color scheme was entirely in blue. I love blue as much as the next person, but it was a little on the overkill side. (That said, I may include it in the final site as an option for users, partially because I know that B adores blue.) I decided tonight to try to come up with a different color scheme. In the process of playing around, I found a lot of stuff that did not work at all–I’m rather surprised that I didn’t give up, frankly. But, finally, I found the right combination. Now, to wait for the final release of K2.

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