Foreign Adverts

It’s amazing the amusement I can derive from listening to foreign radio. I’m currently listening to Ireland’s 2FM and even the advertisements amuse me. Living with Sky TV for two years convinced me that commercials can be entertaining and not annoying. They don’t have to be one exceedingly nervous used cars salesman followed by a craptastic have-you-ever-been-hurt-by-anything-call-us-and-let-us-get-you-money shyster lawyer and then a pharm commercial. (I don’t want to type the full word, probably for fear of having my inbox flooded with spam containing that most hated of words.) I’ve actually been tempted to dig up some of the videos I taped off of SkyOne to show my suitemates. We could fast forward through the shows and just watch the commercials.

Because adverts don’t have to suck. They can be funny! Except in the U.S. We apparently have laws against that.

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  • You know, I think E4 wins the prize for the funniest ads. They’re way funnier than the Sky One ones! I think alot if it is down to the presenter so they are going to sound lame (wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever used that word before) now but a couple include their ad for one of those “100 Best xyz Ever!” programs: It’s all the stuff that’s way better than all the other stuff. Expecially the crap stuff
    Or my favourite – in the mornings, they show music videos. Much like MTV used to back in the day, or so I’ve heard, before all they did was show Cribs and Punk’d. Lest E4 be accused of copying, they have this whole ad with music and dancing girls and old men looking disapprovingly. The punchline of the ad: Back in 1857, we invented Music Television. We just didn’t tell anyone about it.

    Yeah, it’s all in the delivery really! I’m sorry!

  • Argh! Two comments! How do I undo it??
    I’m sorry!!

  • No worries, B. I’ll undo it for you 😉

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen E4’s ads, but they do sound plenty entertaining. I remember that my sister and I used to laugh a lot at the old Pot Noodle ads. Especially the “Everything else is just pants” ones.

    This is making me sad for my utter lack of amusing adverts now…

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