Some Music-Related Announcements

This is primarily for the benefit of the Irishwomen because I know that they are too busy at the moment to keep up with such news, but I figure they might be interested in hearing these tidbits.

Glen Hansard’s made a rare appearance on The Frames’ messageboard to let fans know about the new album’s recording session. Apparently, they’ve set themselves the task of recording this album as though it were a live show, not in the sense of Set List, but in the sense that no part of the recording is dubbed over. Everything was performed at once. They’re now in the process of picking which songs to put on the final product.

Secondly, as Glen’s solo album with Marketa Irglova is due out in Ireland within the next couple weeks, he’s set up a MySpace page for The Swell Season where, among other things, one can listen to four of the tracks from the album. They sound terrific, more along the slow, mellow orchestration than most Frames songs, but still very distinctly Glen. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive. Speaking of which, my new Josh Ritter album is supposed to arrive today! Concert next week!

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  • Thanks for the heads up! Your right, I never would have seen it otherwise. And the new songs sound great. It’s this week the new album is out, right? I must pick it up next week when I’m back up in Dublin. (Ignore the fact that I’m in Dublin right now. It’s a Bank Holiday – nothing is open).
    Did you get my text message last night? Sorry I didn’t give you more notice.

  • Boo! I misspelt “you’re” and when I tried to correct it, I was too late 🙁

  • I believe that the album is out at the end of this week. In fact, there’s an in-store happening Saturday at Tower Records, according to the site.

    I did get your text message, thanks! Unfortunately, I got it an hour after it arrived, so the show was going off. On the fortunate side, however, I’ve got that show in mp3 format already 😉

    You ought to be able to edit comments at any time since you’re an author of this blog. Don’t you see a little pencil next to your name on your comments?

  • I saw that about the instore, but I think I’m going to be in Edenderry.
    I don’t have any pencils 🙁

  • I bet you’d have pencils if you signed in, though.

  • Hmm, I logged in. Still no pencils. I’m suspecting I’m only allowed to edit comments on entries I make myself?

  • Hmm. Possibly. You might try looking under Manage –> Comments. It may not be letting you edit the comment because the system didn’t have you logged in at the time and therefore doesn’t believe that you actually made the comment.

  • Yeah, I did that. My only option is to view the comments – even for the ones I’ve made since I logged in.

  • Try again. I’ve upgraded you 😉

  • No, I’m still not seeing it. Maybe my brain is fried!
    Upgraded eh? I guess that means that one of these days I’m gonna have to post here!
    I just never think anything I do is worth telling people about!

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