Musically Speaking

One of the things I said I would do this summer is pick up my guitar and see about teaching myself to play some of the songs I love. I think I’ve overdone it for a first day: my fingers are blistered.

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  • You’re supposed to stop when it hurts, silly. 😛 Don’t worry; keep at it (on a reasonable schedule!) and you’ll build up calluses again soon enough. You might wanna wait until the blisters are gone, though you won’t if I know anything about you. 😉

  • Yeah, it’s always tough when you try to start again after a long break – my own acoustic has been collecting dust because my nephew refuses to let me play in peace (excuses, I know :P). Out of curiosity, what type of guitar are you using?

    Also, is there anything you can’t do? You play the guitar, you write tremendously well, you’re a glorious graphic/web designer, and the list goes on… you’re my new role model! 😛

  • @ Mark:

    But it wasn’t hurting. It was fun! And, actually, I’m going to try to play here in a little while. If it hurts too much, I’ll just hide upstairs and play the Xbox until the housekeepers leave.

    @ Klose:

    First of all, I should note that the last time I actually had any idea how to play the guitar was about ten years ago. And during that time, I never really focused much on chords, which is what I’m trying to do now ’cause I wanna be able to play my favorite songs. The guitar I’m using is an acoustic guitar that’s really much too small for me now that I’m an adult. I told myself that I’d pick it up this summer, and if it looked like I was going to be serious about it and actually play enough to justify it, I’d go out and buy myself a nicer, new guitar. (My mom asked yesterday if I wanted to get an electric guitar, which made me laugh.)

    There are lots of things I can’t do. Among them is play the guitar. For now. The key to all of it, I’m sure, is motivation and perseverance. Also, I think you think far too highly of me 😛

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