Here’s the end to the great car-shopping saga. Of course, it’s been more of a saga for me than for any of you because I haven’t written down every niggling detail. But in any case, I’m now the very proud owner of a new 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT:

My new car

After some online searching and a fair amount of luck, my father and I located a suitable model about 70 miles west of here. Actually, the two models I’d specced out online were sold the night before Dad called to ask about them. But an identical one had just come in on the truck, and that’s the one that I got. Dad (and I) got the insurance and financing worked out–and I spent Mark‘s last couple of days here and the rest of last week struggling with my excitement.

On Saturday we drove down I-40 to sign the papers and pick up my shiny new car. I’ve put about 100 miles on it since picking it up, and, to borrow a phrase from McDonald’s, I’m loving it. It’s quite nice and comfortable without having a ridiculous load of bells and whistles (although I’m still scratching my head over the beverage cooler). And it’s somehow just the right size, especially the driver’s wheel. Every time I sit down to drive somewhere, I find myself enjoying more than the previous time.

The driver's view

It’s gotten a good reaction from everyone else, too. My mother seems more comfortable in it than in her van–although part of this may have to do with her not having to worry about me wrecking her vehicle. And, to my amusement, one of my little sister’s friends just poked her head in my room to inform me that I have “a really pretty car”. How funny!

I’ve started doing a few little things to personalize it. I’ve got a Case School of Engineering sticker in the back window, and there’s a Case license plate holder waiting for my proper tag to arrive. I’ll have to swing by Cornell’s bookstore when I’m up in Ithaca to get a Cornell sticker, too. There’s something of a debate raging in the household as to what the car’s name should be. The current two choices are Remy and Rigel. Remy is based on the fact that the car is a Dodge Caliber–think Remington rifles–and Rigel is, well, the brightest (blue-white) star in my favorite constellation. The aerospace engineer in me leans toward Rigel, but Remy is an easier diminutive. Yeah, I know that anthropomorphizing my car is sad.

My sister and I went a little crazy with the picture-taking today, but I consider that an effect of having waited so long to take them. The guilt got to me. It’s been raining here a lot lately, which makes it tough to get pictures. But I have them now, so go take a look.

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  • You need a pirate air-freshener. Or something. i’ll see what I can do to pirate-ify your car..

  • You know, I was noting the other day that, if I can’t decide between those two names, I can always go, “Arrrr!!!!” when talking to/about the car. And then it’s a pirate car!

    Drop me a line if you need my current NC address! 😉

  • ooh, look at the pretty!
    My plans for the year are to not kill anyone and to learn to drive. And then get a car. It may take some time!

  • CAR! I should be getting one in the next few days – it’ll be a second-hand jobby but still, CAR! Yours is very pretty.

    Just caught up on reading about your graduation, etc. Congratulations, darling. You’ve been fantastic, clearly. 😀

  • Wow. Congrats on the new car! It’s very prett-eh! 😀

    Either you OR your parents must be rich if you can afford a brand-new car that looks as shiny as this one! ;D

  • @B:

    I’ve technically known how to drive for several years now. I just hadn’t done much of it. But now that I’ve got a car of my own, I’ve been driving quite a bit. In the nine days I’ve had the car, I’ve driven 230ish miles on it, and I feel much more confident about the whole driving thing now.


    Thank you! I want to see pictures of your car! I got your postcard and have it happily tucked away for hanging once I have an apartment of my own.


    NEITHER! What I now have is a loan that’s much larger than what it should be. We really oughtn’t to have gotten this particular car, but I think it really came down to my parents deciding that they would prefer to help me out with the car payments rather than have me driving around hours and hours away in a clunker I can afford.

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