Amid The Packing Boxes

I’ve only got a couple more days here in North Carolina. It really is amazing how time flies–although I suspect that the bits of traveling I’ve done this summer have sped things along. Right now, life is full of packing boxes and shopping for housewares. The big move-in date is set for Saturday, so I guess things will be extra silent from me after Thursday night because we’ll be driving to New York Friday and then I won’t have Internet access until God-knows-when. If I get desperate, I’m sure I can run up to Cornell and hijack a public computer or possibly get my laptop set up on their wireless network.

I’m just listening to an audience recording of the Frames’ recent performance in NYC. (ETA: Now available for download.) Can’t wait for their new album. In the meantime, though, I shall just have to make do with my obscenely large collection of live recordings.

For the moment, I’m just feeling listless.

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