Rave On, Mic Christopher

Mic Christopher

Those of you who know Mic Christopher‘s music will know how much I enjoy it. Those with a keen eye have probably noticed lyrics from his solo album, Skylarkin’, popping up just about anyplace I’ve got an established web presence (“Curious Notions”, the tagline of S-S.Net–we’ve been out here looking for life–and the chorus of “Heyday” hiding in my Facebook profile, for example). Today, were it not for an unfortunate accident in late 2001, would have been Mic’s 37th birthday. Happy birthday, Mic! Rave on!

If you’ve never heard Mic’s music, some tracks from Skylarkin’ are here, thanks to his sister, and I have some live tracks:

“We saw too much beauty to be cynical, felt too much joy to be dismissive, climbed too many mountains to be quitters, kissed too many girls to be deceivers, saw too many sunrises not to be believers, broke too many strings to be pro’s and gave too much love to be concerned where it goes” – Glen Hansard on Mic #

ETA: Many more live recordings of Irish artists are available on my bootlegs page.

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  • This reminds me. I saw a poster today saying that this Josh Ritter character of yours is playing in Pittsburgh in October.

    Also, if you’re not going to be busy the weekend closest to October 21, that is the first weekend I have free from the newspaper. I’d be up for making the drive to Ithaca if you still want a visitor 🙂

  • I made the mistake of discovering that Josh is playing in NYC on my birthday, actually, and got myself all depressed about being unable to go see the concert.

    As for the weekend closest to October 21st, that’s fine, to the best of my knowledge. I wouldn’t be surprised if mid-terms are happening around then, but there’s no getting ’round stuff like that, right? Should I put you on the calendar?

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