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So this is a post that’s been a long time in coming, but here I (finally) go. Back in August, I had the extreme good fortune to stumble across a message on the Frames board about Paddy Whacked Radio. This weekly radio show, broadcast out of Boston on Friday mornings (9-11 a.m. EST), features primarily Irish artists and music with an emphasis on rock and acoustic but with some traditional stuff thrown in, too. It’s run by Shawn Fitzmaurice, who, in my oh-so-humble opinion, has excellent taste in music. He and I started exchanging comments and messages almost immediately, and we’re buddies now.

Some of you may possibly have noticed that PW Radio shows started appearing on my site a while back. The show was in need of an archive for some of the episodes that deserved more than a week’s worth of availability, and I think the fact that I was willing to host them myself says a lot about my opinion of what Shawn’s doing.

Every week he plays a great balance of “known” artists (think the Frames, Bell X1, Damien Rice, Mic Christopher, the Mary Janes etc.) and “unknown” independent artists (like Pier Nineteen, Paddy Saul, and the Fairplay Collective). For me, it’s fantastic to hear songs and bands that I love played on the radio–and in the U.S. no less!–while, at the same time, discovering artists I wouldn’t have known otherwise. So consider this my official plug for Shawn and his show (and maybe upcoming podcast?!). Check out some of the older shows and tune in to the new ones!

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  • You’re single handedly spreading the irish music scene to the US!

    Also, I must email the TMR guys again – as an apology to me for the delay in sending the CD I ordered, they sent a second one along with it!

  • I’m not doing it singlehandedly. Shawn’s the one with the radio show! I just help where possible.

    That’s awesome! I told you the TMR fellows were good guys. I really need to order their albums at some point. I always say I’m going to. Now that I’m making some money (albeit meager amounts) I should.

  • Hiya,

    Ok, so I am only just reading this now. Thanks! 🙂

    Hope you’re well. You are missed!


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