Bad Signs

Spring Break is not providing the hoped for rest and rejuvenation thanks to nightmares like last night’s, in which I discovered, on the day of, that my Q-Exam had been moved forward by about a month-and-a-half and that, instead of a committee of three professors, I was being examined by only one–the one who does not think highly of me at all. There was no way out of it–I tried. Thankfully, I woke up before the exam actually started. The agony of trying to get out of it and being unable to and unable to prepare was quite enough, thanks.

2 Responses to “Bad Signs”

  • Sara (saranoh on LJ)

    That’s crazy, because I have had about the same on my Spring Break. Nightmares about really stressful school situations. That have been waking me up frequently. It sucks. I wish you more peaceful dreams!

  • I hope the same for you! It’s certainly unpleasant to have one’s so-called break (I still had to work full days–just no classes) made less restful by crazy, stressful dreams. That and I’m sick of having nightmares with this prof in them. I think the fact that he tortures my waking hours should be more than enough.

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