Fairweather Update

The good news is that I have access to my computer again. The bad news is that the hard drive is faulty. The other good news is that IBM is sending me a new one and that I didn’t have to jump through hoops to convince them to do so. In fact, once I got the OS running again and worked my way through all of the diagnostics and troubleshooting they offered on hard drive problems, I collected my results, called, reported my findings, and my new hard drive is on the way–no flow chart of stupid questions necessary. Yay!

In the meantime, the weather’s gorges here in Ithaca, and this is how I spent yesterday afternoon:

Reading in the sun

The book I’ve got is one I picked up on a visit to the Friends of the Library Book Sale when we went on Saturday. I think I might actually have to make another trip over there before it’s over. There were a lot of great things there, and it’s hard to pass up a book in good condition at those prices. Also, they had a copy of the old school Candy Land game my sister and I grew up with, and, strange as it may seem, that’s rather tempting to pick up. My mom got rid of our old copy and the one’s they’re selling now have different illustrations and layout and such. And I don’t like them. Whose idea was it to demote Queen Frostine?! *pouts like a four-year-old*

Spending an entire weekend doing nothing related to work was fantastic… but it makes it so much harder to start working again on Monday…

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  • It seems that a lot of people here at IBM that have been having issues with their harddrives on their Lenovo laptops as well. 🙁 That is no fun. Glad you didn’t have to go through flowchart questions though. Those are double plus no fun.

  • It would interesting to see if the other people having problems also have Fujitsu hard drives like I do. Perhaps there’s a larger number of manufacturing faults than there ought to be? I’ve pretty much decided that whatever set my situation off must have been related to an existing fault in the drive because I can’t think of a single thing I’ve done to it that would cause this sort of issue.

  • I am not sure what particular brands have been failing, but I do know that they have been having more troubles than usual lately. Apparently, some people even had theirs fail right out of the box. Since they’ve been having these problems, I would definitely bet yours is related and not anything you did to it.

  • Well, it’s always nice to know that I’m not doing anything wrong. Still, I hope that I don’t have any trouble with the one that IBM just sent me. I’ll already be spending my evening reinstalling everything I’ve got (including Vista) onto that new drive. I’d hate to have it fail on me, too, because, much as I love my laptop, having to reinstall everything over and over is not exactly my first choice on the list of ways to spend my summer evenings.

  • It’s not?!? OMG, it’s so much fun though!!! 😛

    Here’s hoping the new one works like it should. 🙂

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