Some New Original Fiction To Come…

I know I originally discussed this idea much longer ago than I care to admit, but I’ve got some new fiction needling me now (motivation always comes when I should be doing something else) so I’m finally getting around to it. I’m going to be posting some new scenes here for perusal; however, the posts will be password-protected. If you want the password, just comment here with a valid e-mail address in the ‘E-mail’ field. I will be the only one who can see the address. Bots don’t get it. No one else sees it. Just me. Give me a proper e-mail address, and I’ll send you the password.

One other thing: if I don’t already know you and you would like to read what I’m going to post, I’d appreciate a little introduction. I like knowing my audience 😉

Anyone who can’t wait can always go back and check out my public story archives

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  • Ooh — pick me, pick me! I’ll even give you a bonus introduction.

    I was raised by fruit bats in a cave outside Toronto, then migrated south with the geese and ended up in Northeast Ohio. There, I toiled by night in the Lake Erie salt mines and spent my mornings and tea times taking lessons in bit-flipping and verb conjugation. By the time I’d read my way through the second, third, fifth, and seventh floors of the public library downtown, I felt like I was ready to see something more of the world. So one day I went to the top of the UH parking garage, levitated above it, and let the earth to turn under me for a length of time I’d worked out the previous afternoon while I was dying a Ukranian Easter egg. Currently, I seek political asylum in the Cityh ofh Pittburgh, where I push around semicolons and cast magic spells over computers.

  • Hey! You know I want to read it, right?

  • password me up, baby!

  • FINE. I’ll do it your silly way, though I live two minutes away from you. 😉

  • I meant to do this earlier, but I would love to read your new original fiction. I do actually occasionally go back to LJ to read some of your Faerie stuff, and I suck at feedbacking, because I’m usually afraid that I’ll end up gushing like a fool – but in any case, I’m certainly interested. I’ll do an introduction proper if you need me to. 😉

  • Hello 🙂 I’d like to read your stories! Found your site while surfing for blogs by other female aero engineers a few months ago. I’m from upstate New York, so I think it’s groovy you’ve made it to the gorges land I call home 🙂 I study aerospace eng at the Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, Bioastronautics in particular. I also fiddle on the cello, and spend WAY too much time listening to opera, watching Shakespeare in the Park and messing with computer games/digital photography/CG software. I also really enjoy reading and writing poetry.

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