Bear With Me…

I made the mistake of deciding to upgrade both WordPress and the K2 theme I run on here. Of course, I managed to do a fine job of breaking things left and right. Right now I have things nominally working. In trying to prevent having both a ‘Live Archive’ and ‘Archive’ in my pages listing, I managed to irrevocably break the ‘Extended Live Archive’ plug-in I had, so that’s shot to hell for now. It took me quite a while just to get everything showing up again. Some of my old functionality and looks are gone now and won’t be returning until after the Q-exam when I actually have time to dig through the new code. And, yes, I know that the tag cloud is also looking screwy. At least it’s there.

Grr. Argh.

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  • Test comment? Okay, guys, you get error messages when you comment, but the comments do go through and appear.

    Here’s hoping they get a solution out for K2 soon, otherwise, I shall tearfully go back to the Classic theme. Tearfully. Really tearfully.

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