Gah! Quals!

The much-dreaded day is nearly upon me. This morning I went and picked up the problem I’m expected to present on for my Ph.D. qualifier tomorrow morning. I’ve spent the day working out all the math neatly and putting together a host of PowerPoint slides to accompany me. Our instructions say that we are to prepare a 20 minute presentation on this problem, and that we should then expect 20 minutes worth of questions on this problem followed by 20 minutes spent on an additional problem. My feeling is that they must be expecting me to write all of this problem on the blackboard because I have yet to hit 20 minutes practicing my presentation of this problem, and I’ve added in a fair amount of additional commentary beyond what’s been asked directly in the question. Here’s hoping that I’m not stealing too much of their thunder.

If all goes well with the candidates scheduled before me, I’ll be receiving my Q-exam tomorrow (Tuesday) morning between 10:00 and 11:00 EST (15:00 and 16:00 GMT). Any and all happy and/or calming thoughts anyone can spare for me during that time would be very much appreciated. I’ll see you all on the other side.

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