On The Upswing

I ran away to Virginia last (Memorial Day) weekend after the Great Debacle, and that, along with this past week, have done me a world of good. Things are basically looking up in all regards. In the lab I’ve been given my own domain within the lab’s current project, and I basically have license to pursue the ends by means of my choice. My first set of measurements–which I’m hoping to begin this week–happens to fall under the expertise of my former advisor at Case, so I’ve been in contact with him again, which is always enjoyable.

I have an apartment scoped out for next year, but I’m working out the final details and haven’t signed a lease yet. I’m rather looking forward to it, though, because the place is nothing less than swanky.

This weekend was the annual Ithaca Festival, which provided me with plenty of entertainment yesterday. I think my favorite bit was when we ran across the “Ethical Fashion” show, which was one of those things that I can only imagine happening in Ithaca. It was a fashion show entirely dedicated to recycled attire. As in, some vintage clothing; some clothing that had been reconstructed from bits of old clothing; and some clothing that had literally been recycled. Particularly intriguing was a woman’s dress that had been made entirely from men’s neckties. Yes, you read that right. There was quite a crowd, and they enjoyed cheering the models–all local Ithacans–immensely.

I also had fun wandering through the various crafts stalls yesterday, particularly the photographers’ stalls because many of them had photos from around Europe of places I’d visited. One of my favorites had some lovely canal house reflections from Holland that both made me nostalgic and reminded me how I need to go back through some of my old photographs and find ones to enlarge and frame nicely. Nothing like decorating with photos I’ve taken myself, yay!

In other news, I’ve finally done what my sister has been after me about for years. Yes, I started reading the Harry Potter books. So far I’ve finished the first two, and I stand by what I’ve said before regarding Rowlings’ style. Still, the stories themselves are enjoyable, even if many of the many characters suffer from Caricature Syndrome. At least Neville’s there. I shall be most put out if poor Longbottom goes in the last one. Still, I think if she were to try to kill Harry off the publishers would hand back the manuscript and say, “Try again.” Alas!

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  • Congrats on the vacation as a return to sanity. I tried that, but I just got more trouble than I bargained for!! I’m back in lab as of today. Thank. God.

  • Well, the couple of days out-of-town didn’t do it completely; they just helped me put some time and space between me and thinking about it all. Coming back and getting to dive directly into useful work is what really helped, I think.

  • Particularly intriguing was a woman’s dress that had been made entirely from men’s neckties.

    Dammit, that was my idea. Well, I was going to make a skirt. And I might still!

  • Whee! Glad you’re feeling better!

    Mm, I remember your kanalhaeuser picture — it was indeed very nice 🙂 The Verberg Photo link appears to be down currently, so I can’t compare to the ones you saw at the festival. It’s pretty cool that they had photographers’ stalls, though!

  • Amy:

    Sorry! But it would still be pretty cool, so I say go for it 😉


    I do like that picture, though I think hers are better than mine. Better skills, better camera, etc. Her site seems to be up right now when I try it, just a bit slow to load.

    They actually had quite a few photographers’ stalls at the festival. But I was less surprised about that than I was about the lack of wine sellers!

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