Not a great deal of recent news. Sadly, I still have not managed to get around to uploading the photos from my trip to Virginia. I would do so now, but I might break the lab’s wireless connection and that would be profoundly bad. Stephanie might well murder me.

Most of my recent free time has been spent charging through the Harry Potter books. I’m afraid that I rather underestimated my reading speed, as I’m already taking chunks out of Book 5, despite having been very specific about not bringing the books to campus and reading them while taking data sets. I’m starting to remember how it was that I was kid that astounded the librarians during the summer reading competitions when I was younger. I only wish that textbooks and journal articles went by so quickly.

Right now, for example, I should, by all rights, be reading some work-related stuff. But, instead, I’m blogging and toying with the idea of doing some serious writing. Ahahaha, I love summer.

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