New Apartment Woes

My things and I are all at the new apartment and I am taking a moment from unpacking to swipe some bandwidth from some kind souls who didn’t encrypt their network. All is well, though I currently fail to find words for exactly how sore, bruised, and swollen I am. It frightened me this morning when, upon swinging my legs out of bed and making contact with the floor, my first thought was, Dear God, I didn’t know that my feet could feel such pain just by touching the ground.

It would also be nice if my gas stove (a first for me) would light when I turn the knob and not spark and smell bad. If you couldn’t guess, I’m scared of exploding myself, which would suck for many reasons, not least of which is the issue of destroying all the property I just managed to move here.

4 Responses to “New Apartment Woes”

  • No exploding yourself! (Though I really think you’d have to leave it on for quite some time to achieve that.) I miss gas stoves, though. They’re so much more responsive.

  • I miss gas stoves, though. They’re so much more responsive.

    I don’t know. Every electric stove I’ve ever had actually turned on when I turned the knob. 😛

  • I blame the fact that I laughed at that comment on this beer. Obviously, were I in full possession of my faculties, I would dispense with such frivolity with an airy wave of my hand, clad in the righteous knowledge of gas stoves’ clear superiority over electric, rather than laughing helplessly at such a trifling observation.

    *glares at beer*

  • I think you should blame my clear and utter righteousness and leave the poor beer alone! Why no love for beers!

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