Walking Home Is Gorges

It rained pretty steadily this weekend, so I made a point of walking the Cascadilla Gorge trail on the way home this evening so that I could see how things looked when the creek is swift and swollen. I happened to walk home such that the upper portion of the trail caught the fading sun perfectly. I can hardly believe my sad little camera captured the colors so well.

Down The Falls At Sunset

I’m very pleased with this 360 degree panorama, too, but one has to see it in a rather larger size to really appreciate it, I think.

I’ve put up nine photos of the gorge today, and I also have shots from a year ago, in case anyone wonders what it looks like on a more normal day. I’ve also uploaded some lovely shots of Ithaca Falls that I took the weekend before last on a day when the sky was too blue to be Ithacan.

2 Responses to “Walking Home Is Gorges”

  • Wow, it looks like your leaves are starting to change already. Down here everything is still green.

  • I think that’s mostly the sunlight. There are a few selected trees that seem to have some confusion as to the time of year, but most everything is still clinging to green. It’ll be really cool to take that path around sunset once the leaves do change, though. I bet it’ll be pretty amazing.

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