Project 22 – 2 October 2007

Engineering Quad At Twilight

I actually had a bit of a hard time choosing a photo for today. I managed a really neat shot in optics lab in which I got the camera to take a self-portrait of its lens using one of the mirrors we normally use to reflect laser beams. I also took a few shots around Rockefeller (the physics building) on my way out, but the cooler (imho) pictures of the day came on my way home, as I was battling my camera’s dying battery.

This one is my favorite, in part because the subject is one I pass all the time. In the foreground here is a sundial–one of the most accurate in the world, I’m told. Beyond it is Cornell’s engineering quad, including Upson Hall–the yellow-striped one–where I spend much of my time.

Tonight marks my first attempt to capture some of Cornell’s campus in low light. Now that I’ve got an idea of the settings to use to force the effects I want, I am very much looking forward to some true nighttime photography around campus. It’s almost enough to make me look forward to late nights in the office. Well, not really. But you get the idea.

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