Project 22 – 3 October 2007

Duffield Atrium

Aside from being a building I traverse daily, Duffield Hall happens to be one of the few attractive engineering buildings I’ve ever seen on a college campus. I took this photo in the early evening, so the atrium is relatively empty, but, during the school year, I have never seen Duffield without undergraduates studying/working/eating/talking all along its length.

4 Responses to “Project 22 – 3 October 2007”

  • Good one. I like the angle.

  • Thanks! I was pretty pleased with the angle myself. It may have been the first time that I took a photo and knew immediately that it would be my photo of the day.

  • Nicole,

    You are absolutely right. I have also noticed that the engineering building are usually the ugliest buildings on a campus, especially if the university itself has a strong engineering reputation. I don’t know why this is.

  • Hi Mano!

    I suspect that part of the reason that engineering buildings tend to be so ugly is that they’re built only with utilitarian values in mind. Another trend that I’ve noticed is that most of them are from the late 1950s and early to mid-1960s. My suspicion is that most of them came about very quickly in the post-Sputnik era when the U.S. was suddenly desperately worried about churning out engineers to fuel the Space and Arms races. So, they were more concerned with getting a standing building in which to house their engineering departments and labs than with how aesthetically pleasing the building would be.

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