Project 22 – 26 – 27 October 2007

Anniversary Sekt

Anniversaries are an occasion for Sekt.

Cayuga and the State

I did quite a lot, on Saturday, beginning with donating at the blood drive on campus. Most of the rest of my day was spent working on slides for the first half of my APS presentation (personally, I think there are already too many, and I haven’t filled in the ‘previous work’ ones yet). Around sunset, though, Joe and I poked around down on the Commons before deciding that the restaurants there were all rather crowded and/or expensive, so we drove to Chili’s instead. This particular picture is one that I took out our sunset walk on the Commons. I wanted to capture the lights of the State Theater, as well as the general busy-ness of Cayuga Street. Still need to work out just how to get awesome nighttime traffic photos, but this isn’t bad.

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