In Which The Case Love Wins Out

Currently teams from both my department here at Cornell and my alma mater, Case Western, are competing in the National Qualifying Exam for the DARPA Urban Challenge for which teams have built vehicles that will compete in completing a race in an urban traffic-like environment without a human driver. This means the robot has to not only get from Point A to Point B entirely without human direction, but must do so while following all the rules of the road and dealing with traffic – including human drivers as well as other autonomous ones.

It’s a pretty tall order.

I’ve been following TeamCASE closely through their blog, but TGDaily also has video (the second one) of their robot, Dexter, in part of the NQE where the robot has to perform left turns with traffic. Dexter does fabulously–exactly what I would expect such a great team of engineers and computer scientists behind him! Go TeamCASE and Cornell!

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