Project 22 – 28 – 29 October 2007

Sunset Over Ithaca

On Sunday, I was actually pretty girly and went out shopping with Stephanie, supposedly for stuff for Halloween and our upcoming conference. I was good and didn’t buy much, although I didn’t find the sort of shirt I wanted for my costume. I’ll just have to make do, I think. That evening I headed up the hill to Joe’s place to hang out, and, on the way, I noticed that the sunset was lighting some clouds up beautifully, so I stopped to take some pictures.

Sick and Studying

Monday I woke up feeling sick, but I’m at a point in the semester where I can’t afford to stop or slow down, so I worked a full day anyway (and then came home and worked some more). The notes my drugs are sitting from my turbulence class, where I have an exam later this week.

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