The Time Of Year

We have officially passed Thanksgiving and entered the time of the year where I make myself absolutely sick to death of The Nutcracker. Current plans are to put my tree up Saturday, give the roommate’s cat 24 hours to see how he reacts, and then decorate on Sunday. This will likely be accompanied by friends, music, wassail, and nostalgia.

3 Responses to “The Time Of Year”

  • Hee. Nutcracker. IU Ballet’s putting it on in a couple days, but I have neither time nor tickets. Next year, hopefully.

    I’d make plans to decorate my apartment, but… I’d have to find it first. (It’s around here somewhere, I know it.) And apparently I’m going to be decorating in Columbus this weekend anyway.

  • Hope the roomie’s cat doesn’t decide that the indoor shrubbery makes a better litter box. At least said shrubbery is made of plastic.

  • Well, if the cat destroys my tree, I can always turn to my roomie and say, “Bring me a shrubbery!”

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