Project 22 – 21 -29 November 2007

I went off on holiday and fell well behind on my duties. Haven’t gotten much better upon my return, but I’ll use the excuse that this was the final week of classes. Ah, excuses.


Picking up on the 21st, my first full day in NC with the family. The day was a pretty relaxed one. That afternoon my sister and I went out to Border’s because she had some gifts she wanted to pick up on sale, and, on the way home, she expressed her happiness at having me home by treating me to a milkshake. Yummy! This is her enjoying hers in her car, which looks suspiciously like mine but is red. I did discover some other differences when I had to make an emergency run to the grocery store late in the evening when we discovered that we were out of Miracle Whip, a necessary ingredient for our Thanksgiving fun.


The 22nd was, of course, Thanksgiving, which I started off with a trip to the hot tub. Afterwards, I joined my family in the kitchen to put together our feast, which I later photographed. This shot was my favorite, in part because it shows my dad’s lovely woodworking skills–he made the turkey centerpiece–as well as one of my holiday favorites, our fruit salad. As in other recent years, I was responsible for that dish. I also prepared Jessica’s sweet potato dish (though I used pecans instead of walnuts) a second year in a row. My mother declared that we’ve adopted said recipe, so I guess I’ll be making it regularly from here on out. Congratulations to Jessica for making it into the annals of my family’s history. (The fruit salad is a tradition that came from family friends, too!)


On Black Friday we did go out (though not early) and did some shopping, but I didn’t think that the retailers would appreciate me pulling my camera out in the midst of that, particularly as we were hitting up places like Best Buy and Circuit City. We got home in the late afternoon, in time for leftover Thanksgiving goodies, some more hot-tubbing (now with margaritas!) and some movie watching. That evening Mom and I watched Clash of the Titans because I’d never seen it, and I’m a sucker for mythology. There was much giggling. This is also why I took a picture of this statuette of Artemis that we got in Greece.

Money, Some Obsolete

Having traveled quite a lot when we lived overseas, we collected quite a lot of foreign currency, most of which has been subsequently turned into decoration. Here you can see a mixture of coins and bills from all over the world, some of which have since been replaced by the euro.


I flew back to NY early on the 25th and arrived back home shortly after noon to find that Roomie 2 had left her cat with Roomie 1 and that the cat had gone on a rampage that left most of our apartment smelling of cat urine. I started scrubbing our bathroom from top to bottom before I’d even removed my coat. The cleaning spree lasted most of the day, even though I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. As part of said spree, I finally unpacked some of the decorations that had been hiding away, including my Galilean thermometer, my Egyptian perfume bottle, and my lava lamp. My wardrobe is much prettier now. Also, as you can see, my room is warm despite the cold outside.


Monday the 26th was rainy, cold, gray, and nasty. Enough said.


On my way home from work (early!), I noticed this on the back of a parked car. Ithaca’s known for all the odd bumper stickers and things on cars, but this was a new one for me.

The Last Homework

I spent Wednesday afternoon slogging through my last turbulence homework, which involved special voodoo math, but Stephanie and I figured it out and finished it. Our class also got our midterms back, and I was pleased and quite surprised to learn that I’d made the top score in the class.

Jon At Open Mic Night

Last night was our department’s monthly happy hour, this time with an Open Mic Night theme. There were some nice performances, the best being by my fellow second-year, Jon. The lighting was unfortunately poor for photo-taking, but I caught a couple of nice videos of Jon’s performance, and, if they pass his approval, I will post them and share the love.

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  • Thanksgiving in the Sharp house. This time last year I was there! Yeay! But also weep, for I am not there this year 🙁

  • We also wept for the lack of Bernadette. Everyone commented on missing you!

  • That turkey could also be a menorah. He’s just missing one more candle on his head.

    Also: Best. Bumper. Sticker. Ever.

  • Joe, I could be mistaken, but I think my dad made that turkey in such a way that it can be used as a menorah. I’m pretty sure the turkey head comes off, and, although it looks like there’s eight candles in that picture, there are actually nine in a different picture that I’ve got. You can also fold those arms out however you want.

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