Gnomicons Update 9 Dec 2007

There’s a title I didn’t expect to be typing any time soon. However, it is true. My graphics site, Gnomicons, got a makeover and some new material. Check it out!

3 Responses to “Gnomicons Update 9 Dec 2007”

  • Oh, very nice – it’s clean and simple, very easy on the eyes and a breeze to navigate. I just noticed the wallpapers – very pretty!

    You really ought to put your photography on sites that will let people purchase prints, like DeviantArt or somesuch. I’d certainly love to buy prints of some of those photos and put them on my bulletin board/around my room. 🙂

  • “I’m sorry to say that this does mark some kind of rebirth of Gnomicons”
    I’m assuming sadly that you mean “this does not mark” 🙁

  • Oops! You’re right. I’d better change that!

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