Project 22 – 12 – 18 December

This bunch of photos takes me up through the day before I drove to NC (i.e. yesterday).

Blue Skies

On the 12th, Joe and I took a walk around campus, where the last of previous snowstorm’s snow had faded away beneath the beautiful blue sky. I snapped this shot on the Arts Quad that afternoon.

Snow Fall

Of course, all of that snow disappeared only to be replaced the next day by the heavy, steady storm the next day. I took this picture out of one of Upson’s windows while I admired the falling snow.

The Great Snow Serpent of Ithaca

When I got back up to campus on Friday, I discovered that the Great Snow Serpent of Ithaca had struck the night before. Here you can see a poor snowman trying desperately to escape the great snow lizard. (This was sculpted by a group of my classmates who were sick of their take-home exam and took a break to play in the snow.)

Ice Sculpture

On Saturday, Joe and I went to the Commons to try out the aforementioned German-inspired cafe. They were not quite as authentic as I might have liked, but their food was yummy and reasonably priced, and I definitely think I’ll be back to check out those candies. While we were on the Commons, I took this photo of one of the remaining ice sculptures from their festival in early December.

Fresh Snowfall

I spent most of Sunday hanging out with Joe and watching chunks of Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. Around sunset, the sky lit up beautifully and I headed outside with my camera to take some pictures of the newest snow fall. Unfortunately, the sunset’s didn’t come out so well. The good news is that I got this nice shot instead.

Before I Leave

On Monday I rushed in to campus to turn in a paper for Joe, hurry my way through an experiment in the vertical tunnel, and then head home to take care of various things around the apartment (see checklist) before going up the hill to take care of Joe post-surgery.


Tuesday was fairly similar to Monday, except that the experiment was replaced with meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I spent my late afternoon and early evening packing and getting everything in order for my vacation. I didn’t quite get everything I wanted to done, but I think I hit all of the most important items. I also got to bed late such that I got up early the next morning to drive to NC on about six hours of sleep.

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