Project 22 – 19 -23 December 2007

This batch of photos brings us up to the Christmas holiday.

On The Road

On the 19th, I rose before the sun, packed my car up, and hit the road by 7:15 a.m. On the way to NC from NY, I made only three stops–two gas, one bathroom–and made it to my parents’ place shortly before 6 p.m. Since I’d only eaten a granola bar and a donut the entire day, I felt pretty faint by the time I’d gotten my stuff out of the car. My family herded me less than five minutes later into a different car, and we went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with a stop for subs along the way. The concert was… an experience. A deafening, blinding, not-my-favorite kind of experience. :-/


On Thursday, my family still had work and school, so I got to spend the day relaxing and recovering from my long drive. I spent a good portion of my day playing guitar in the upper room of the house. I didn’t have any pictures of me with my guitar yet, so I caught a couple of self-portraits that afternoon while I played.

Texas Pie

Friday was spent mostly following my mother and sister around while they did some last minute shopping. The day’s highlight was, perhaps, receiving a Christmas present from my uncle and his family. That is a pecan pie, and, yes, it’s shaped like Texas. We’re making plans for the appropriate way to approach eating a pie shaped like Texas.

Strawberry Limeade FTW

My Saturday was, primarily, spent tagging along on errands with my parents. We stopped by a Sonic to pick up some lunch, which means strawberry limeades. Mmm.

Saranac in NC?

Yesterday I gave my sister half of her Christmas present early and took her to the theater to see Sweeney Todd. We both enjoyed it, though she very clearly enjoyed it more (which was to be expected). She even made me drive to the store so that she could buy the soundtrack immediately afterward. This qualifies as a successful gift, I think. I got home to discover that Mom and Dad had found some Saranac beer–my favorite flavor even–in their local NC grocery store even though Saranac is a regional brewery up in NY. ‘Twas exciting, I tell you; yes, I’m drinking one now. They’d also gone a bit crazy in the seafood section and brought home lobster bisque, lobster tails, and crab legs for dinner. That, combined with our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of oyster stew, has earned this holiday the moniker “The Seafood Christmas”.

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