Holidays and Rainy Days

Have collected some nice photos of holiday decorations around the house–my family is crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations–and some creepy shots I took on our rainy, foggy trip up into the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of days ago.

Winter Rains
A mountain overlook on the Blue Ridge parkway. Anything further than 10 feet away was wreathed in thick fog, which cast a ghostliness over all we saw.

In The Headlights
A new perspective on the road and the rain.

2 Responses to “Holidays and Rainy Days”

  • Ooh, I love the ghostly and foggy pics, especially Ghostly Shadows and Winter Rains. 😀

  • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with how those turned out. I’m surprised that “Ghostly Shadows” looks as good as it does, considering it was taken from a moving car with the window up.

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