Project 22 – 24 – 31 December 2007

And now, for the last of 2007’s Project 22 photos. This batch of photos starts on Christmas Eve and finishes out the year.

Gift Of Poe

On Christmas Eve, the family opened our gifts after our dinner of oyster soup, as is our tradition. It was a bit unusual this year that many of the gifts beneath the tree didn’t get wrapped until that day, but–what can we say?–we’d had more important things to do. This is my favorite of the present opening photos, showing my younger sister’s glee with her new book of Poe. That day also included a funny game of Life with the whole family. Some highlights: the salary war for the $100,000 card, which my mother the superstar had won; and my sister pursuing an alternative lifestyle by “marrying” another woman.

Christmas Dinner?

On Christmas Day, we had a somewhat unconventional Christmas dinner, shown here. The ribs, I will admit, were my idea. My parents had asked what I’d like to have while home–since our trip to Arkansas got canceled–and I’d mentioned ribs. I won’t take credit for having them be the main course at Christmas. The rest of that day was filled with more games as a family–my sister and I learned that we hate dominoes–and not a little bit of Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica, I bought my family season one on DVD for Christmas, and it was very much a successful gift. To say they devoured the first season would be an understatement. There was no chewing involving.

Christmas Splendor

The 27th involved mostly hanging out and relaxing. I helped my sister with some of her college application essays that day, made the happy discovery that I could wear her new pants (more on those later), and generally did nothing big or notable. At the end of the day, I did take a few minutes to try out an idea I’d had. My family’s Christmas tree would probably frighten most people–large, bright, completely covered in ornaments, and spinning. Once it was dark, I chanced a long exposure of the tree while it was the only thing on in the room. This is the resulting splendor.

Fog Wreathed

Dad had hoped to drive up into the mountains on the 27th, but my sister’s need to work on her college essays prevented that. We did make the drive on the 28th, and, though we couldn’t see much with the fog and rain, I really enjoyed the trip. What I did see were bare forests wreathed in fog, which sent my imagination flying over what life here had been like in the Civil War era and, earlier, when Daniel Boone had lived here. Speaking of Mr. Boone, we stopped in Boone at the Dan’l Boone Inn for our lunch and had a family-style meal that was quite reminiscent of my grandmother’s cooking on the farm. Yummy.

Computer Troubles

Late on the 28th, my sister came out of her room reporting that her laptop wouldn’t boot after she installed the software for her new camera. I picked it up figuring that I could just do a simply system restore or something and ended up staying up until 2 a.m. getting nowhere. The next day’s call to India provided me with an additional complete lack of assistance, and I was told to simply wipe the drive and do a factory restore. My problem with this was that the hard drive had the only copies of my sister’s college essays, due in a couple days’ time. Dad and I ran away to Circuit City and got the nice geeks at FireDog to pull the user info and documents off of the hard drive before we executed The Big Wipe.


The 30th was another quiet day at home. Near the end of the day, Mom and I were watching The Sound of Music on the television, and, as usual, “Edelweiss” brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother’s church, where she was pianist for decades, used to sing a benediction to that tune, and the music always reminds me of her. When she died, my little sister inherited her piano, shown here.

New Year's Twister

Our family didn’t do anything special for New Year’s. In fact, I was kind of annoyed with my parents–both sitting at different TVs with my mom constantly playing freecell on her laptop. My sister and I decided to play a game of Twister, and when neither of us showed any sign of beating the other–and Mom got sick of calling moves–the game degenerated into an attempt to take silly Twister photos using the self-timer. This photo is not the silliest, but it is a nice one. And her blue pants are the ones I can wear. Not the best picture of them, but trust me when I say they’re cute. Kelley and I were also responsible for getting stuff for everyone to snack on as we waited for midnight. The preparation was accompanied by the most ridiculous rendition of “Dancing Queen” ever known to mankind. It was a good end for 2007.

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  • You win for turning more people on to Battlestar. 🙂

  • Count me in with the frightened people…

  • Awesome Christmas tree!

  • Also, I have just borrowed L’s Battlestar Galactica DVDs… I’m glad to hear you are also a fan.

  • I claim responsibility for that! 🙂 ’tis a wonderful thing. Now if only the studio would get off their lazy jerk bottoms and release the season 3 DVDs. (I’m jealous of you, B.)

  • Wow. Apparently the way to get comments around here is to mention Battlestar Galactica and post pictures of my family’s tree.

    You’ll be glad to know, Joe, that the tree has been taken down and put away. I’ll get to do it all over again back in Ithaca, but it’s far less of a job there, and, since I essentially put the whole thing up myself, I should know what’s in store.

  • I’m not frightened of the *tree*, I’m frightened of the bells and whistles. And lights and motors.

  • Well, those have been taken down and put away, too.

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