The Wonders of IR

Over break when I was fiddling with my phone while holding my laptop on my lap, I discovered that my computer’s IR port recognized my phone. This led to the immediate realization that I could take photos with my cell phone and transfer them to my computer without paying the phone company extra money–a useful skill for those occasions where one finds something that must be seen to be believed. Tonight I decided to try and send an .mp3 to the phone using the IR connection. The result? I can now use any song I own as a ringtone. Win!

3 Responses to “The Wonders of IR”

  • Also – those 5 things along the edge, of things we probably didn’t know about you – I totally knew all of those things. Whee!
    You’re my friend!

  • I’ve been using Bluetooth/memory cards (my phone takes a micro-SD) to the same effect. My fiendish plan is, at some point, to ask Dave to compose short character-pieces for people I want custom ringtones for. 😉

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