Weekend in NYC

This is a bit short notice and all, but I’m going to NYC this weekend for the first time. Some of my readers, I know, have been there many times, so any recommendations? What should I see and do? What’s worth skipping?

Current plans include a Broadway show and the Bell X1 concert, but Steph and I are rather flexible on the rest.

ETA: We’re arriving Friday evening and leaving midday Monday.

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  • yaaaaaaay I cannot wait for tomorrow!

  • Go to a zoo! I’ve gone to the Bronx Zoo, but the Central Park Zoo might be nice too (it also has red pandas). I don’t know how long you’re going to be there, so I don’t know how much to recommend. Things I loved visiting the times I was there: Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Guggenheim Museum, MoMA.

  • Well, I went to 5 Broadway musicals in 4 days!

    MOMA is definitely my favourite museum.

    Central Park is lovely.

  • We’re going to NYC this week-end for the very first time. I can’t not wait for tomorroww too !!! Let’s talk about some good ideas or addresses when we’ll be back.

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