In Which I Share Photos

It’s been a long while since I had any photographic updates, and, over the weekend, I uploaded a hundred or so images from the past few months. Some of my favorites are displayed after the jump.


From the category of obsessive-flower-photo-taking, I bring you an additional 12 flower photos. Well, technically, some of them are flowers and some are leaves and buds. In the rain. I’m quite fond of several of them.

In May, Stephanie and I went to Baltimore for a conference. Our favorite part of that was going to the National Aquarium as part of an evening activity. While there we explored all sorts of fun: dolphins, frogs, turtles, and fish!



In June, Steph and I ran away to New York for a weekend – this time checking out the Museum of Natural History, the Met, and lots of Central Park.

Belvedere Castle

Central Park East

Our purpose in going to NYC, mind you, was to see a Jonathan Coulton concert. It was easily the geekiest concert either of us had ever been to (and Steph went to a Weird Al concert once), and it was completely and unbelievably awesome. I will definitely be going to see him and the openers, Paul and Storm, the next chance I get.


And then, at the beginning of July, I ran away with Joe to New England for several days, including the Fourth of July.

Fireworks over Lake Winnipesaukee

Water Lily

We also spent a day in Boston, but, unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery the night before, so my photos are limited. I did have fun at the aquarium, especially watching the penguins!


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