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No RX Kamagra, Yes, it's a Project 22 update that doesn't contain weeks' worth of material. Kamagra ebay, Winter Sky

On my way home late on the 9th (or early on the 10th), I decided to attempt a photo of the winter stars over Ithaca, 150mg Kamagra. 50mg Kamagra, If you look closely between the branches of the tree in the foreground, you may recognize part of the constellation of Orion, Kamagra coupon. Kamagra usa, I think more practice is in order.

Yes, <b>500mg Kamagra</b>, <b>Kamagra paypal</b>, it's a Redwall book

I spent most of Sunday lounging around and reading, Kamagra india, Kamagra craiglist, which was lovely.


After I cleared my car off and got in to move it to the other side of the street on Monday morning, I discovered these crystals on the inside of my windshield, No RX Kamagra. It was so cold that the moisture in the air of the cabin had frozen to the inside of the glass, 200mg Kamagra. 100mg Kamagra, The patterns were lovely.


Yesterday evening as I was on my way out the door to get groceries, Kamagra uk, 250mg Kamagra, the zipper on my winter coat broke. I tried to fix it, 40mg Kamagra, 750mg Kamagra, but my solution only managed to break it further. On the bright side, Kamagra us, Kamagra mexico, this coat has lasted me for six-and-a-half years of living in northern climes. On the other hand, Kamagra japan, 1000mg Kamagra, it had the audacity to break in the middle of a snowstorm. Kamagra australia. Kamagra overseas. 10mg Kamagra. Kamagra canada. 20mg Kamagra. 30mg Kamagra.

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Buy Valtrex No Prescription

Buy Valtrex No Prescription, No, actually, I have not forgotten about Project 22. It's just been busy the last few weeks and I've only just gotten together quite a few make-up photos for days that went past without appropriate photographic records. It's shameful, I know. In any case, Valtrex mexico, here they all are, starting with...

Superconductors and Liquid Nitrogen
January 17th, Valtrex usa, the day of my qualifying exam. I wasn't about to attempt a photo of the exam itself--that would've been far too weird to try to explain to the committee, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. But, after things settled down, I spent some time in Joe's lab hanging out and taking some photos of his research. Here he's preparing for an experiment by cooling down the superconductor (hiding out in that blue plastic) with liquid nitrogen (pouring out of that bucket), 50mg Valtrex.

Movie Night

That Friday, our classmates had a big movie night celebration at Jamie's place. We did a double feature, 30mg Valtrex, "Galaxy Quest" followed by "Blazing Saddles".

TA Training I Buy Valtrex No Prescription, I was up early the next morning in order to go to my engineering TA training, where some of the information that stuck with me best was, disturbingly, that regarding "students in distress".

TA Training II

Much of Sunday was also spent at TA training, this time without the amazing catered lunch they provided us with on Day One.

Through The Honeycomb

On Monday, I was back in the lab, Valtrex overseas, disassembling and reassembling the vertical wind tunnel in order to do some new tests. This is actually a picture of the blinds in our lab, taken through some of the honeycomb used to straighten the flow. Valtrex paypal, Classes also started that day.

The Original Room of Doom

Tuesday night held the last of my TA training, the micro-teaching session, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. It was held over in Thurston, and, as I was waiting for it to begin, I stuck my head into the room next door and took a picture, Valtrex australia. This is where I had the worst class of my life, as well as where my Q was held the first time.


Wednesday I got home extremely late (as in early Thursday late) to find that my parents had sent me a tin of popcorn as a early Valentine's/congrats for passing quals present. 500mg Valtrex, I was so emotionally drained at the time--due to really awful external circumstances--that I couldn't manage even a half-hearted smile.

Emo Button! Buy Valtrex No Prescription, This is actually the emergency off button on a laser's control console. However, it's far more amusing as a great big Emo Button. It's my picture of the day for the 24th because that's when the external circumstances that had been making my life utterly miserable for a full week were suddenly and unexpectedly removed. It was like someone had turned the Emo Button off, Valtrex india. Thank God.

Rockwell Hardness

On Friday, I spent my afternoon working my way through all of the tests that have to be done for the first lab module in the class that I'm TAing this semester, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. In this photo, I'm testing the Rockwell hardness of a sample of annealed 1050 steel. 10mg Valtrex, I think there's about one person who reads this blog who will know what I'm talking about, but don't worry, she'll think it's cool.

An Evening With S&E

I've been really shockingly social on the weekends in recent weeks (I think we're up to four weekends in a row?). On the 26th, 20mg Valtrex, Joe and I spent the evening with Stephanie and Eric. Buy Valtrex No Prescription, First they treated us to a lovely stir-fry courtesy of their awesome new electric wok; then we watched some DVDs and came up with a way of playing four-person Apples-to-Apples. It was a great evening, and we must do it more often. Valtrex japan, (Incidentally, I love this picture because it's one of the few candid shots I've managed to catch of anyone since starting this.)

Night Walk

I've been staying over at Joe's place until pretty late before walking home recently. This is what my walk looks like, if you're time-lapsed.


On the 28th, Valtrex craiglist, I had my big trip to the allergist. These are two of the new meds I've been prescribed, Buy Valtrex No Prescription.


On the 29th, we started to have a bit of a thaw after a very cold (but not snowy) streak. 250mg Valtrex, Here's the ice starting to melt at Cascadilla Gorge.


I've signed up for intermural basketball this year, and, on the 30th, I played my first basketball game in eight years, Valtrex coupon. I thought that I was terrible--probably related to the fact that I still couldn't breathe, having been back on antihistamines only 48 hours--but my team won anyhow. Buy Valtrex No Prescription, No baskets for me, sadly, though I did manage a steal and a few rebounds.

Tempered Steel

The 31st was another TA where I spent most of my time in the lab TAing. Valtrex uk, Here's a picture of one of the bins of metal specimens used for tensile testing. This bunch is all 1050 steel that's been tempered and oil-quenched.

SiGMA at Korova

Friday the 1st our department's graduate student association had pizza and beer at Korova down on the Commons. We were supposed to have a keg of Yuengling at our disposal, but they were short a delivery, which left us with Coors light, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. Very disappointing.

Indian Feast

On the 2nd, 200mg Valtrex, I went a bit crazy and decided that I wanted to make a bunch of Indian food for me and Joe before we went to a movie night at Laura's place. This lovely meal was the result, which included lamb curry, 40mg Valtrex, samosas, and garlic nan. Extremely yummy and extremely filling.

Sick Buy Valtrex No Prescription, Unfortunately, late that night/early Sunday morning, Joe's cough and sniffles turned into all-out illness when he developed a fever of 100.2 degrees F. This puts something of a damper on things. I'd had plans to make a bunch of Super Bowl food for him and his roommates, Valtrex us, so when I got up, I tossed a few extra things in my bags and started off my day of cooking early by making Joe banana walnut pancakes for his first ever breakfast in bed.

The Incredibles

Joe was still doing poorly Monday evening, Valtrex canada, so we spent our time eating Super Bowl leftovers and watching "The Incredibles".

Downtown Ithaca At Night

On my way home from work on Tuesday night, I paused partway down the hill to try and catch a few shots of downtown Ithaca at night. Note the scary amounts of light pollution over by Rt, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. 13. It was a hazy night, 1000mg Valtrex, so that enhanced the effect of the light pollution.


Wednesday night I played another basketball game, this time with a pulled groin muscle. Valtrex ebay, Not one of my best ideas, but I'm never more stubborn than I am when I'm hurt. Buy Valtrex No Prescription, (We lost 49-20, but I scored and felt significantly better about my performance than the previous game, even though I was limping up and down the court.) By the time I got home, though, I could barely walk. After my shower, I went into my room expecting to climb in bed and lie there with a heating pad for awhile before going to sleep early. My bed, 750mg Valtrex, sadly, had other plans as the top half of the bed frame had come completely apart. I had to manhandle the bed apart, 150mg Valtrex, mattress, box springs and all, and lash the upper half of my bed together with string. Eventually, I managed to get everything back together, 100mg Valtrex, at which point that heating pad felt even more welcome than I could have imagined.

A.D, <b>Buy Valtrex No Prescription</b>. White and Snow

On Thursday we got a light dusting of snow, and I got off the bus a bit early to take a few photos around campus. The heating pad the previous evening made all the difference in the world, and, rather than being utterly unable to walk (as I'd expected), I was just barely limping Thursday.

Strain Gaged

My Friday was spent making stuff. Buy Valtrex No Prescription, That morning, I rebuilt a hotwire with a sensor configuration I'd never used before. It was a bit tough because the positioning of everything makes it possible to either see where you need to work or get to it. Then, that afternoon, I finished up a strain gaging exercise in preparation for my TAing next week. Here you can see my lovely soldering work. I always avoided doing the soldering on strain gages when I was an undergrad, so this was my first time, and it didn't turn out too shabby, I think.

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Buy Vermox Over The Counter

Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Now that quals are over and done with--yay, again!--it's time to catch up on some of those things I've been putting off in the meantime. Which means that it's time for a ridiculous gigantic Project 22 update. Definitely not recommended for dial-up viewers.

Six Hundred

Way back on New Year's Day, Vermox us, I was still in NC with my family. We spent the day relaxing as far as I remember, Vermox uk, including a few games of Ten Thousand with the family.

Barbados Collage

Perhaps my most significant achievement of the 2nd was getting the film from the underwater cameras we had with us in Barbados developed, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Most of the shots were rather blurry--though whether that's an effect of the camera case or the year-and-a-half's aging on the film, I don't know. In any case, Vermox paypal, these were some of my favorite pictures, including a couple of nice ones I caught of sea turtles while snorkeling. 40mg Vermox, Puzzle Time

The 3rd was my last day at home. Everyone else went to work and I ran around doing errands like getting my car's emissions checked. That evening we relaxed--it was a theme for the holiday break--with the beginnings of a puzzle while watching Cinderella Man Buy Vermox Over The Counter, . Mom and I ended up giving up on the puzzle and moving to the theater with the DVD because the other DVD player was having issues. But there was some puzzling, Vermox usa.

Drive Time

On the 4th, I tackled the long drive home. 50mg Vermox, The 10.5 hours of driving went by without any significant issues, though I did have to stop for ice cream in Pennsylvania to give my legs a break. Shooting pains are not so much fun, buy Vermox Over The Counter. Sadly, I arrived at my apartment to discover that my roommate's cat had gone crazy and turned the whole place into a giant litter box, 1000mg Vermox.

Stinky Monster Milo

The state of the house, given the cat mess, Vermox australia, was such that I couldn't stand to stay there, so I spent almost all of the 5th at Joe's place.

Cleaning Time

By the 6th, I was so annoyed with the situation that I came home and started cleaning like mad, 100mg Vermox. I didn't take care of all of the cat's mess--in large part because it should not be my responsibility to look after someone else's animal--but I did enough cleaning that I felt capable of living in my own house again.

Back Up Buy Vermox Over The Counter, It was time to go back to work on the 7th, but I eased myself into things--or so I thought--by making some much needed back-ups of my year's worth of data and research. Actually getting things to the point where I could successfully burn DVDs was far more of an ordeal than it should have been, 10mg Vermox, but two days of work and seven or eight DVDs later, my data's been backed up.

In The Lab

I was back to experimenting on the 8th, this time in the vertical wind tunnel, Vermox craiglist, shown here. One side of the tunnel is plastic, 150mg Vermox, which is rather reflective, so it's possible to see portions of the rest of the lab, including the Christmas lights the post-doc put up.


On the 9th, 750mg Vermox, I busted out my new grill and made the aforementioned panini, which was a big winner.

Through The Tunnel

The 10th was another day of experimentation in the tunnel, buy Vermox Over The Counter. 200mg Vermox, I'm a little unsatisfied with the results from this day because they, to an extent, contradict data from previous runs, and this is never a good sign, 500mg Vermox. This shot, in case you are wondering, Vermox mexico, was taken by holding the camera up to one of the ports that we use to center the probe.

My Sister's Pants

The 11th brought me a package with fun new clothes, including a pair of pants like the ones my sister has that I can wear. Hers are blue and mine are gray because they were sadly out of blue, Vermox japan. Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Yes, I'm still excited that I can wear my sister's clothes.

Is This For Real?

While I was at the library on the 12th, I noticed several books in the new book section that were displayed in sealed envelopes with this Homeland Security seal on them. 30mg Vermox, I'm very confused by this: I don't know if the government is now able to require that books not be sold/checked out until they approve them or whether this is some kind of publicity stunt on the part of the library staff. The Internet could not help me.

Wii Bowling

We were social on both the 12th and the 13th. On the 13th, Joe and I went over to Mike's place for a few games of dominoes, ten thousand, and some bowling on his Wii, buy Vermox Over The Counter. I should be social more often, Vermox overseas. (On that note, I have a movie night tomorrow that I need to bake cookies for.)

Stack O' Study Materials

Monday was about the only day this week that I got any research done, Vermox coupon, though I spent a fair amount of that time writing Matlab scripts to make data analysis easier for me in the future. I just got too sick of doing the same thing all the time in Kaleidagraph. At the same time, though, Vermox canada, my quals were fast approaching, and I had this stack of material staring at me, Vermox ebay, saying, "You need to study me. You need to know me."

Studying Buy Vermox Over The Counter, Tuesday morning I learned the beginnings of my T.A. requirements. At some point, Vermox india, I will probably take some pictures of the lab I'll be working in--then again, there will be plenty of time for photos of that over the semester, 250mg Vermox, as I'll be spending quite a lot of time working for this course. That afternoon I tried to study further for the Q-exam. When reading things stopped working, I started making lists of important concepts, 20mg Vermox, like those shown here.

Q Preparations

On Wednesday, I received the problem I would present to the committee, and I spent pretty much all day preparing my answer and accompanying presentation. This is a picture of my desk near the end of the workday. Notice the massive number of textbooks, notes, and binders. Now if only my presentation hadn't included some equation typos on the way to the right answer...

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