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24 Hours 10 Minutes And Counting

In a little more than twenty-four hours, I get to take a break from the hectic rat race that’s been my life recently (or is that always?) in order to welcome a special guest. About two-and-a-half years ago, through our mutual friend Lindsey, I met Bangladesh. (Yes, these two are my rather silent co-bloggers here.) At the time, we were both suffering similar health problems, and I have no doubt that helped us become fast friends despite the distance between Cleveland and Dublin. We’ve come a long way since then–among other things, B’s traveled the length of Asia and I’ve been branded a “revolutionary” due to my involvement in programs at my university–and throughout that time we’ve been in touch through our blogs, e-mails, IM chats, and even snail mail. During the school year, my bulletin board and door are covered in postcards from my friends overseas, and, if I counted, I’d estimate that a good 70% of those come from Lindsey and B. They’re the sort of friends I never expected to find via the Internet, but I’m thankful every day that I have.

Tomorrow evening B and I will meet in person for the first time. My only question is whether I should spend part of tomorrow making a silly sign to hold up at airport. Whether I do or not, you can all expect reports on our activities, complete with photos. Lots of photos. And it’s even possible that I’ll prompt her into making her first post here.

In short: I can’t wait.