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Holidays and Rainy Days

Have collected some nice photos of holiday decorations around the house–my family is crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations–and some creepy shots I took on our rainy, foggy trip up into the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of days ago.

Winter Rains
A mountain overlook on the Blue Ridge parkway. Anything further than 10 feet away was wreathed in thick fog, which cast a ghostliness over all we saw.

In The Headlights
A new perspective on the road and the rain.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains

Now that Memorial Day Weekend is a month in the past, I’ve gotten around to posting some of the photos Joe and I took while we were in Virginia. The weekend was a pretty relaxing one, all things considered, though we did spend Sunday hiking part of the Appalachian Trail and doing a lot of driving around the greater Wytheville area. Most of the photos are from then.

Our first big stop was at the Big Walker Lookout Tower, by a country store, which was filled with the sorts of things one expects from such an establishment. The younger ones of the group climbed the tower for photoseeking purposes.

After some ice cream, we hopped back in the car and started searching for the hiking trail we wanted. Eventually (by which I mean hours later) we located a section of the Appalachian Trail that had a place to park our cars while we hiked. Oddly enough, part of the trail we went through went through some farmer’s cow pasture. Some of us might have gotten nostalgic if it weren’t for the fact that it was miserably hot when we weren’t under the trees. (Actually, my sister Kelley started doing Sound of Music impersonations in the middle of the pasture, but no one caught it on camera, unfortunately.)

Luckily for everyone, we found a nice creek to stick our feet in and cool off. Some of us were more excited by this than others. Not that I’m naming names or anything.

In the end, we hiked back to our cars, spent some more time driving and enjoying the scenery, went back to relaxing at the campsite, and then drove back to Ithaca the next day.