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Project 22 – 23 October 2007

Optical Vertigo

Ironically, this was not a photo that I’d originally had in mind as a Project 22 subject; I was just taking a picture of my professor’s notes on the blackboard because I hadn’t bothered to write them down. But somehow, the photo managed to capture the mood of today extremely well. It’s been a day where I’ve felt harried, confused, and generally unwell about my world and my place in it.

Project 22 – 14 – 18 October 2007

Autumn Dinner

The weather has been autumn-like enough that my chili cravings have set in. Last weekend I made up a batch, along with some cornbread on the side, and I’ve been enjoying it since, usually with a Saranac Pumpkin Ale on the side. Mmm, fall tastes yummy!


Even after sunset, the colors of Cascadilla can stand out… provided your shutter speed is slow enough.

Overexpanded Nozzle Shadowgraph

Tuesday actually brought a half-way interesting optics lab, thanks almost entirely to the involvement of fluid mechanics. What the hell are you looking at? This is a shadowgraph of air escaping from the nozzle of a can of compressed air, like what one uses to clean a keyboard. The edge of the nozzle is the dark shadow on the left. The bright streak with dark diamonds over it is the air escaping the nozzle. In this case, the air can’s button is pressed all the way down and the air escaping is a) traveling at the speed of sound and b) at a pressure lower than the ambient air. The diamond pattern is actually a series of shock and expansion waves that bring the air back to ambient pressure. The photo was taken by expanding a laser beam, releasing the air stream into the beam’s path, reflecting the resulting image onto an index card (see the lines?), and snapping a high contrast, black and white photo of the image on the index card. It’s also brought to be extreme geekery.

A Mysterious Blue Beauty

Stephanie gave me some German magnetic poetry for my birthday, and I’ve started playing with it some on my whiteboard at home. This particular phrase just jumped into my head and refuses to leave. I think it’s the sound of the ö‘s that I like.

Golden Cascadilla Sunset

Tonight I actually made it out of the office before dark! And, as if the world were rewarding me for my lack of commitment to long, obscene work hours, the colors of the sunset were amazing. So, naturally, I stopped to take twenty pictures or so. This particular one is a subset of a gigantic panorama, and it’s one of my favorites from the set because of its lovely color gradients.

To The Chimesmaster

Whoever played “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on the McGraw Tower bells at today’s midday concert brightened my day enormously. It was impossible not to smile on that walk, despite the traffic, the homework problem festering in my brain, and the fact that I was on my way to my not-so-beloved optics lab. Thank you.