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The Good Things

Let’s go for some happy news, shall we? Here’s a bit of the silver-lining in life right now:

  • My laptop has not died. Yet. On rare occasions, I’m even capable of running more than one program at once. Right now I’m seriously pushing my luck by running Firefox, Thunderbird, and Google Desktop all at once. Be assured that my eyes are firmly glued on that System Monitor gadget.
  • I ordered a new laptop last night. Even better: I will not be destitute after I get charged. For the curious, I ordered a ThinkPad Z61t with a 2GHz Intel Core Duo 2 processor and 2 GB of RAM. I am now eagerly awaiting my new shiny, and, in the meantime, I am debating the relative merits of partitioning the 120 GB hard drive and dual-booting XP Pro and Vista. Thoughts?
  • Speaking of Microsoft’s newest shiny, I took a trip to Best Buy earlier this week on a laptop hunting trip but spent most of my time playing with Vista on the models there. My first impressions are that a) it is very, very shiny with Aero; b) it is disturbingly Mac-like in appearance, but has the distinct advantage of still being usable (i.e. Windows-like); and c) I can’t wait to tag all of the photos on my hard drive. I love the idea of being able to type a friend’s name and have all my pictures of that person pop up in the results. I can see that as being extraordinarily useful.
  • So far I have managed to pay attention in my classes. Except for that one day where I started doing long division out to ten decimal places instead of listening to a review of conservation of momentum. Frankly, it’s nice to know that I can still do math without a calculator. (Also, I had to remove two of the batteries from my calculator weeks ago for the laser level we use in the wind tunnel and I haven’t found replacements yet.)
  • Things are not working on the research front. Something is wrong with our data or our equipment and we haven’t yet figured out what. But I’m reminded every day of how thankful I am to have awesome labmates to work with.
  • They’ve started showing new episodes of House again! And they are blessedly Tritter-less.
  • I have not yet froze (in such a way that I cannot be thawed). And the sun is shining outside. That’s about all the good we can wring out of the recent weather.

Last week I took some photos around the lab while we did an experiment, and, although some of you will already have seen them via Facebook, I am hoping to get some of those up here at some point. I’ve just been firmly avoiding Coppermine while I continue, in the back of my mind, to debate switching software…

The Creeping Death

My poor laptop appears to be dying in a loud and creeping manner. Since turning it on thirty-five minutes ago, I don’t think the CPU usage has dropped below 50% despite having only Thunderbird and Firefox open. That, along with the fact that the computer seems convinced that only fifteen minutes have passed since it was turned on makes me suspect that my processor is dying. Needless to say, I do not have gobs of money laying around for a shiny, new replacement, and this is quite unfortunate. Hold on, little Dell!

Stephanie commented that the laptop seems to have trouble breathing. I suggested that maybe it thinks that it’s on top of Mt. Everest instead of, you know, in Ithaca.

Before anyone asks, I updated virus definitions last night and ran a complete virus scan–even though I do that weekly anyhow. No viruses. No spyware. No excuses of that nature. I spent a substantial chunk of my Christmas break performing maintenance on the computer, too. I cleared up the hard drive and defragged it around New Year’s. As it is, I fear that it won’t last me to March, let alone to this summer like I’d planned. Oh sadness…