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Project 22 – 26 – 27 October 2007

Anniversary Sekt

Anniversaries are an occasion for Sekt.

Cayuga and the State

I did quite a lot, on Saturday, beginning with donating at the blood drive on campus. Most of the rest of my day was spent working on slides for the first half of my APS presentation (personally, I think there are already too many, and I haven’t filled in the ‘previous work’ ones yet). Around sunset, though, Joe and I poked around down on the Commons before deciding that the restaurants there were all rather crowded and/or expensive, so we drove to Chili’s instead. This particular picture is one that I took out our sunset walk on the Commons. I wanted to capture the lights of the State Theater, as well as the general busy-ness of Cayuga Street. Still need to work out just how to get awesome nighttime traffic photos, but this isn’t bad.

Blood Drive

Today ended the drought of donating blood because my iron levels were finally high enough again, yay! Eating all those bowls of Grape Nuts for breakfast the last few weeks helped, I’m sure. The Red Cross women got very excited, too, when I told them that I was O+. The only downside was that I hadn’t been drinking enough water in preparation, and the needle pinched every time I had to squeeze, which made the actual donation kind of painful. The bright side, of course, is that in just an hour or so, I helped save up to three lives. 🙂

Blue Over Fe

I found out last minute about an on-campus blood drive today, but when I got over there I got rejected, for the second time in a row, for my iron levels being too low. Not you’re-anemic-and-need-to-do-something-low. Just on the low side of normal. It’s indicative of the kind of day I’m having when hearing that there was a blood mobile here was the highlight of the day so far, and now I’m sad, annoyed, and generally in a bad mood because I can’t donate.

I need something to cheer me up.