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Drawing Faerie

I finally got around to one of those many things I always tell myself that I’m going to do. This time, it was that I scanned in and adjusted some old Faerie-related artwork and posted it on the site. So, for any of you who have wondered what Faerie wings look like or what sort of geography Faerie has, you can wonder no longer. I should note that I am, by no means, an artist, which is part of why I’ve avoided additional attempts of trying to depict scenes from the stories. That said, I did start drawing a new version of Jeanne’s sword Ilarien on my dry erase board one evening this week when my mind refused to let me sleep without doing so. I may sit down after this and try to sketch out the remainder of the sword.

In the meantime, if anyone is inclined to attempt drawing characters and/or scenes, I would love to see the way you envision them. If you have something you’re willing to share, I might even put it up on the site!

ETA: I did draw a new version of Ilarien. The, uh, resemblance to a katana is purely coincidental. Really.