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E-mail Answers

After a little bit of thought and some Googling on my previous e-mail question, I went ahead and migrated my Cornell e-mails to a Gmail account. Since I already use Thunderbird regularly, the process was quite painless. I set up a new IMAP account in Thunderbird, copied my Cornell e-mails over to Gmail using Thunderbird’s “Copy message to” function, and voila, all of my old e-mails from Cornell (and Case) are now stored in 3% of my Gmail storage. After today, I’ll never have to delete another e-mail. Moreover, a little tinkering in Thunderbird has the client working nicely with Gmail’s own set-up, so I’m pretty much set.

E-mail Questions

I’ve let my school inbox really go over the past few months, so I spent part of this morning cleaning it up. As I did so, however, I realized that, while it’s not really useful to keep all of my little back-and-forth messages on my 300MB school account and I don’t really want to fill my hard drive with those messages, I would like to be able to keep them. The long and short of it–and it needs to be short, as I have a lab to TA in 18 minutes–is that I’m looking for a solution to my e-mail problem that allows me to do the following:

  • Continue using my Cornell e-mail address.
  • Store all of my Cornell messages on my Gmail account, regardless of whether I delete them from Cornell’s server.
  • Continue using Thunderbird as my client.
  • If possible, consolidate my older e-mail messages (on my hard drive and currently on Cornell’s server) in one accessible place.
  • There may be other things I’d like to have, too, but I’m rushing to get this all together. Right now I’m wondering if my best bet is to switch my Cornell account so that it forwards to Gmail then use IMAP between Gmail and Thunderbird. In the three minutes or so that I’ve looked at that solution, I think that it does what I’m wanting, but I’m not sure. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?