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Small Joys

Have been excited to find that, despite having undoubtedly gained back a couple pounds thanks to the holidays, I am still a good pants size smaller than before. Highlight of the day: discovering that I can wear my younger sister’s pants. Not only that. I look good in my sister’s pants. Win!

An Observation

Christmas is better enjoyed without attacks on one’s nose by suicidal platters stored on high shelves. The good news is that I kept the platter from hitting the floor and breaking. On the other hand, the bridge of my nose has definitely felt better. Must remember to a) not touch my nose and b) not make any facial expression involving wrinkling my nose. Shall we see if I’m bruised and swollen tomorrow?

How To Improve A Bad Day

1. Play an angsty song on your guitar.
2. Take a walk in the snow.
3. Get hugs and kisses.
4. Watch Mary Poppins and sing along.

I’m starting to feel better.